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With help from the applications found within this collection you will be able to compare source code files written in various programming languages, such as Visual C++, JavaScript, Visual Basic, etc. Some of these programs will also allow you to merge source code files.

Code Comparer download selection by Etan Bourke. March 13, 2015



PrestoSoft LLC.
ExamDiff helps you compare files and displays the differences.
...a tool to help you compare files that contain code lines. A solution to...
Accurate file comparison
You can change highlights differences
Supports drag-and-drop action
The interface is hard to handle
SourceGear DiffMerge
SourceGear, LLC.
It's a handy application meant to visually compare and merge files.
...let you visually compare files and see difference ...of comparing and editing the source code files...
Easy-to-use interface
Supports Windows Explorer integration
Custom rulesets
A bit pricey
Compare and Merge
TGRMN Software
Compare and Merge is a visual file and source code compare utility.
...easily, quickly, and accurately compare texts, scripts, codes, or even entire files...
Supports many different types of files and codes
Can also compare entire folders
Easy-to-use interface
Devart Code Compare
Devart Code Compare is an advanced file and folder comparison tool. Devart Code Compare, including automatic ...numerous benefits Devart Code Compare offers, the...
Intuitive interface
Supports code review comments
Automatic merging
Three way comparison not supported in the free version
Active File Compare
Formula Software, Inc.
Compare files with this utility that contains a file manager and more... an excellent tool for comparing source code versions since it allows...
VBA Code Compare
Formula Software, Inc.
Allows you to compare and merge a Visual Basic code embedded into a VBA project.
...several authors change the code simultaneously. VBA Code Compare allows you to download...
Most relevant in Code Comparer
This program compares files/folders and syncronizes them.
...a huge list of code pages for us to ...easily return to previously compared files/folders. The fully...
Many codepages are supported
Free trial
Quick comparison
Although it supports many codepages, the program itself is only available in English
Compare projects to determine changes and track your project's dynamics.
...of source code or web pages. ProjectDiff enables you to compare and...
Altova DiffDog Enterprise Edition
Altova, Inc.
Altova DiffDog 2016 is the powerful diff tool for files, folders, DBs, and XML.
...other innovative features assist in comparing source-code and XML files. DiffDog...
Araxis Merge Professional
An advanced multiplatform system to compare up to three files at a time.
...designed to help us compare up to three ...use this utility to compare, synchronize, and merge binary...
Free trial version
Trial version for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, and Mac OS X
Too expensive
Araxis Merge QC Install
Araxis Ltd
It is the visual file comparison, merging and folder synchronization application.
...Araxis. Use it to compare and merge source code, web pages, XML...
Beyond Compare
Scooter Software, Inc.
Compare files and folders and reconcile differences in various file types.
...each panel to visually compare their contents, a ...All in all, Beyond Compare has the main advantage...
Most popular in Code Comparer Most downloaded in Code Comparer
Supports FTP sites
Looks inside archives
Supports surface and byte-to-byte comparisons
Difficult to understand at first
Araxis Merge
Araxis Ltd.
Review, compare, and synchronize files, folders, and subfolders easily.
...revisions in no time, compare source files, web page ...a set of color-coded functions. All text-based...
Most recent in Code Comparer
Color-coded text comparison
Tabbed interface for multiple comparisons
Binary and image comparison
Pricey software tool
TotalEdit Pro
TotalEdit Pro - the Text Editor for Database Developers.
...of the backups, automatically compare backup versions in 'Code Compare' and select how...

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