Multiple Clipboard Downloads

These applications are designed to improve your Windows Clipboard copy & pasting functions. They allow you to copy unlimited amounts of information, text and graphics. They also keep a history of all copied information so you can access them any time you need to. The best feature is that the copied data will not be erased when the computer is shut down.

Multiple Clipboard download selection is a descendant of our Clipboard Tool by Reef Longue customized for you:

Clipboard Master
Jumping Bytes Software
Manage your clippings directly from your system tray. with multiple solutions for managing your clipboard items and help ...for a simple to handle clipboard manager. This program has many...
Most popular in Multiple Clipboard Most relevant in Multiple Clipboard
Provides you with many useful features
Lets you define a wide range of global hotkeys
Fast processing speed
Password Safe doesn't work properly
Clipboard Express
Chequers Software Limited
Brilliant performance clipboard storage program - copy paste drag stored clips. without it. Performance Clipboard Management Product. Saves Time. Multiple storage clipboard utility to copy and paste...
Multi Clipboard
Johannes Wallroth
A small tool that allows you to move, copy, and paste text in an easy way.
...useful in certain situations. Multi Clipboard gives you three sets of ...text in any of these clipboards by using hotkeys, which, regrettably...
Up to nine simultaneous clipboards available
Compact application
No installation program included
Clipboard History
Clipboard History is a an application that enhances the clipboard functionality.
...saving other things in the clipboard, you know how frustrating and ...options to configure. The Monitor Clipboard option should be enabled if...
Very useful for work and everyday tasks
Offers interesting additional options
Easy ClipBoard
Share2s inc
...are copied to the clipboard and storing them for... change the clipboard. Edit clips with ClipBoard Editor. Load last ...preview, edit, combine,and manage clipboard When you click a clip icon...
Karen's Clipboard Viewer
Karen Kenworthy
Karen's Clipboard Viewer lets you view clipboard activity with a single click. have copied to your clipboard with a single click of your ...tray, and also clear the clipboard contents displayed. This simple features...
It is a simple tool with simple applications
You can preview the clipboard contents before pasting them
Comprises the TXT, BMP, WMF and DIB buttons for single click access of your clipboard contents
It is not a very essential tool that needs to be downloaded
Comfort Clipboard Lite
Comfort Software Group
Comfort Clipboard Lite is a personal clipboard manager for Windows.
Comfort Clipboard Lite is a personal clipboard manager for Windows. You ...a system crash. It keeps the clipboard history that you can use to...
Most recent in Multiple Clipboard


Splinterware Software Solutions
Clipboards gives you nine clipboards instead of one.
...Windows standard clipboard. It gives you nine clipboards instead of ...switch between nine available clipboards or define a hotkey combination...
Small size
It's free
Poor functionality
Extended Clipboard
Marko Oette
ExtClip2 is written in C# and is currently in Beta state.
...The Extended Clipboard extends the Windows clipboard with many useful ...or email program? With Extended Clipboard this is possible. - …...
Clip Plus
Crystal Office Systems
Clip Plus enhances the Windows Clipboard, making it a true power tool.
...You don't normally see the clipboard: it works in background alongside the regular Windows clipboard and automatically grabs and saves...

Some Multiple Clipboard downloads, not featured in Clipboard Tool

Droid Explorer
Manage your rooted android device with the simplicity of Windows Explorer.
...ok under Mono. Features: - Multiple Device Support - Copy and auto ...device to local clipboard - Paste files from local clipboard to device ...
Most downloaded in Multiple Clipboard
Hex Editor Neo
Hex Editor Neo is a powerful hex and binary code data editing program.
...and Load, Patch Creation, Clipboard Operations, Bytes, Words, Double ...Features: Unlimited Undo/Redo; Multiple Selection; Selection Save and...
Easy to use. Simple and intuitive user interface. Great value for its price


Enhance Windows clipboard with the ability to manage multiple items.
TenClips enhances Windows clipboard with the ability to manage multiple items. You can copy ten different images...
It is very easy to use
It does a good job, without interfering with your system
Smart Operating System-level real-time spell check and speed typing software.
...syntax highlighting * Use of multiple clipboards simultaneously * Multi-user ...files * Multilingual and multiple keyboard layouts support *...
Very easy to use
It learns from its own mistakes
Macro Keys
Assigns shortcut to large text, saves multiple clipboards and launches programs.
...It also saves last 100 clipboard content to help you use them ...Macro Keys can also store multiple clipboard items. It stores 100 latest...
Hot Copy Paste
It enhances Windows' clipboard with snippets, text search, and hotkeys.
...Paste enhances Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets, secure storage ...limitations of Windows Clipboard, this clipboard manager allows you...
It allows you to use the copy and paste functions without limitations

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