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Sometimes voice or audio recordings have a poor quality such as: cassette hiss noise, analog disk scratch noise or others. In order to optimize the sound of your recordings you need to use sound editing tools. They can provide you cleaning effects, brilliance enhancer, reverb or echo so that you give your sound unity, brilliance and depth.

Audio Cleaning download selection is a descendant of our Clean Up Digital Recording by Sophia LeFevre customized for you:

MAGIX audio cleaning lab
Record and clean up your analog music with one-click restoration profiles. digital ourselves. MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is an affordable and ...term that better defines MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab. You will surely find...
Most relevant in Audio Cleaning
One-click restoration and clean-up profiles
Multiple audio previews
Audio recorder
Limited audio effects and filters
Droid Informatica Ltda
Use DePopper to remove vinyl scratches from wav files.
...was impossible. DePopper cleans most clicks and pop ...clean those tiny clicks that are impossible to remove manually when using an audio...
Sound Rescue Terratec
Algorithmix GmbH
It's a powerful tool for cleaning up problematic and historic recordings.
...a powerful tool for cleaning up problematic and historic recording ...or significantly reduce unwanted audio, maintaining authentic sound with...
Cleaning Service
Binary House Software
Application for recording, tracking, and management of cleaning services.
Cleaning Service is an information organizer ideal ...workers, customers, and events related to cleaning services. One of its advantages is that...
You can synchronize the calendar with Microsoft Outlook
The Scheduler is very similar to Microsoft Outlook's Scheduler
The events can be shown on a scheduler or on a work order list
Trial version can be used only for 14 days
Acon Digital Media GmbH
AudioLava is the ideal solution for restoring old LP and cassette recordings.
...for restoring and recording high quality audio from LP to CD. AudioLava ...LP records. The user friendly Cleaning Wizard helps you to find the...
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Excla Inc
WAV denoising software.
Powerful and easy to use denoising software. It can erase background noise from microphone recordings, cassette tape hiss noise, analog disk...
MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 14 Download version
Cleaning tool for all kinds of acoustic material like records, tapes, CD and mp3.
...volume can be balanced. MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab is fast, easy-to ...damage to your audio material. How does MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab work? This...
It features a very intuitive interface
You can buy it for a very affordable price considering the application power
Expandable trial period
It offers a kind of short trial period for the complexity of the application

Some Audio Cleaning downloads, not featured in Clean Up Digital Recording



Winamp player is designed to cover the large area of media file types.
...large area of video and audio media file types available today ...using the Automatic Playlist generator, cleaning up your metadata with Auto...
Most popular in Audio Cleaning Most downloaded in Audio Cleaning
Most audio and video media files are supported
If loading a very large file, it will have a small loading period
It's hard to manage playlists
Adobe Audition
Adobe Audition CS5.5 is for recording, mixing, and sound restoration.
...Handle a wide range of audio production tasks efficiently, including ...Quickly solve production audio problems by matching dialogue...
Two main work environments are provided, waveform and multitrack
Large library of effects
Includes a "spot healing brush tool" for removing noise and unwanted frequencies
No support for control surfaces


QuickTime is a media player for most audio, video, and image formats.
...player that supports most common audio and video formats. It also even more enjoyable. Its clean, uncluttered interface never gets...
Support for H.264 compression
Works great with HD videos
Audio playback integration
Many extra codecs are needed for playback
Full-featured professional audio editor with a plethora of filters and effects.
...reasons – a comprehensive set of editing features, outstanding audio cleaning functions, superb waveform graphics, and simplicity of...
Steep learning curve
Excellent waveform graphics
Intuitive and easy to use
Requires Windows 7 and 64 bit

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