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Each website that you visit will leave traces on your computer, so if there are people who really wants to know what you're up to while surfing in the web, they can. This privacy issue can be conveniently solved with any one of these applications. These tools let you delete the search history, cookies, cache, and all other Internet traces.

Clean URL History download selection is a descendant of our Clean URL Search History by Joe Smott customized for you:

Free Internet Window Washer
Eusing Software
Free Internet Window Washer is an Internet history eraser and privacy cleaner.
...folders, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents, your browser's cache, cookies, history, visited URLs, and many...
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Wash N' Go

Wash N' Go

RedLeg Software
Wash N' Go is a program that cleans your system from surfing traces.
...card data. Wash N' Go cleans typed URLs, history, cache, index.dat files, "save" history from any browser. It...
It´s an easy to use and complete security program
Easy SystemCleaner
It is designed to provide full protection to your privacy.
...can theft our sensitive data through our history files. But don’t worry; there erase all the unwanted history files on your computer. So...
Uses secure method for erasing history files
Supports multiple browser
Asmw Eraser Pro
Asmw Eraser Pro is a security and privacy tool for Windows.
...errors or status updates. I tried to clean my Internet History for Firefox, and the application started...
It does most of what it advertises
Old-looking interface
Clear History
Clear History desktop application to clean search history from your co... and powerfull windows desktop application to clean search history from your computer. It is full...
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Delete History Free
It is a freeware utility to delete your history tracks from your computer. URLs, Websites History, Cookies, temporary internet files, search history etc. Well, here you can also clean recycle...
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Support 1-click clear of all history
Easy to use interface
Support only few browsers
Assistance & Resources for Computing Inc
It is designed to clear the Cache and Cookie in Internet Explorer.
...surfing tracks, including the history of each site you ...Cache files, Cookies, Visited URLs, Typed URLs, History Folders, Strays, Recent Links...
Internet Tracks Washer
Internet Tracks Washer protects your privacy and recovers disk space.
...common tasks, like opening documents or entering a URL, the operating system and your web browser...
It is very comprehensive
It is easy to use
LCleaner is a FREE tool to free up space from temporary files and clean registry.
...Memory Dump, Prefetch files; Clean Google Toolbar search history; Clean Internet Explorer typed URLs; Clean Common dialog MRUs, Run...
Latest comments:
so easy and useful
No Trace
MicroSmarts LLC.
No Trace 3.65 is a program that erases every trace of your activity in Internet. your PC secret hidden blackbox, clearing your Browser Search Term History ...removing your visited and typed URL list...
It´s a powerful program, easy to use
Classic Software
Surf anonymously. Popup-blocker for the IE. Destroy Surfing Traces. Ad-Blocker.
...cleansing now also cleans the system weekly from ...Deletion of the history of the Internet Explorer ...Deletion of the url-list of the Internet...
PurgeIE Pro
Assistance & Resources for Computing Inc
Professional edition of PurgeIE - Purge Cache, Cookies and Tracks for I. E.
...files, Cookies, Visited URLs, Typed URLs, History Folders, Strays, Recent ...files, Cookies, Visited URLs, Typed URLs, History Folders, Stray...
One Click Privacy
Xportsoft Technologies.
One Click Privacy searches for and deletes footprints of your activity.
...the total quantities of files found and cleaned as well as the amount of disk...
The shredder option integrates with the system as a Recycle Bin command
The trial version asks you to provide personal information or else it will not erase the data found

Some Clean URL History downloads, not featured in Clean URL Search History

Disk Cleanser
It helps you clean your hard disk and scan & remove the junk files. cleans Temporary files, URL history, cookies and download history) and Opera (where it cleans Temporary files, URL history and cookies...
Thanks to “Disc Cleanser”, the computer doesn’t run slowly anymore
It is fast and easy to use
Window Cleanser
Window Cleanser enhances your PC performance and protects your privacy.
...protects your privacy by cleaning Internet history, recycle bin ...bin, search history, temporary files, URL history, Typed URls, web form...
Wipe all the web history and auto-complete forms in a single click
Easy to use
Action Cool Surfing: navigate without leaving Internet tracks.
...can quickly clear URL history and URL Registry Keys, you can even clean Windows Run history. It is also...
CleanMantra provides total cleaning of unwanted files & information from your PC.
...back. Cleaning include History files, auto ...URLs, downloaded Program Files, Recycle Bin Contents, Swap Files, Windows Run and Search History...
Remote Registry Cleaner
Remotely scans and fixes Windows Registry for errors in local and network PCs.
...URL History * User Most Recently Used (MRU) List * Image File Execution Options Disk Clean ...Application Cache Files * History Files * Cookie...
IE Protector And Tracks Eraser
Repair IE while protect your privacy by erase tracks. very useful for cleaning up all evidence of your ...(Temporary Internet Files), browser history, Typed URL History, Windows temp files,and...

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