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The applications from this set can resize a large variety of types of files, including images (JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc.) and audio files (MP3). Some of them are capable of batch resizing multiple files at once.

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ViewNX is a complex image management tool that lets you view and edit images.
...converting between image file formats, including from ...coordinates to image files. Despite the fact...
Many advanced image editing functions
Neat and well-organized interface
Supports geotagging the images
The installation might take quite a while on older computers
PhotoPad Image Editor
NCH Software
Easy yet versatily photo editor to correct or enhance your best shots.
Anyone requiring a simple yet flexible editing tool for their photo collection should take a look at...
Most popular in Change File Size Most recent in Change File Size
Intuitive interface
One-click correction utilities
Wide array of filters, effects, and color correction tools


Bluefive software
PIXresizer, as the name suggests is a software tool for resizing the photos.
...with drastically reduced file sizes. The conversion i ...identifies the size of input image file and...
user friendly interface
Quick in process with quality output
Converts multiple files in batch mode
It cannot run on LINUX platform
Image Resizer for Windows
Brice Lambson
Image Resizer for Windows offers an easy and quick manner to resize pictures.
...Apart from the default sizes (small, medium, large set custom sizes using pixels, centimeters...
Very useful and convenient
Easy to install and use
Not found
Skyshape Software
This tool helps you reduce the size of your MP3 files in a fast and easy way.
...program reduces the files' sizes by reducing their Its MP3 file size reduction speed is...
Most relevant in Change File Size
Very easy to use
Nice interface
Supports batch processing
Works with MP3 format only
Free Image Converter
Victor Onishchencko
It is a graphic tool which allows you to convert and resize your photos.
...Service Pack 3. The file size of an original image i ...the same, but the file size of the image will...
Fast conversion speed
Excellent compression ratios
Output files quality is the same as the original one
One output file format is supported : jpg
High Quality Photo Resizer
Naturpic Software
It's a handy tool for batch resizing of digital photos.
...all the popular image file formats are supported of the following 8 file formats: JPG, PNG...
Most downloaded in Change File Size
Supports a lot of image file formats
Can also convert images
Mihov Image Resizer
Miha Psenica
Mihov Image Resizer can resize and convert any BMP, JPG and GIF image.
...and resizers" but its small size and faster processing make it...
Convert and resize any BMP, JPG, GIF image in two clicks
Photo Resize Magic
Photo Resize Magic is a powerful and easy-to-use photo resizer.
...of photos to any size you want. The program ...the settings like quality, size and effects, and when...
Simple and easy to use
You can resize a single photo or an entire folder
Unattractive user interface
Image Resizer
the jackol
Image Resizer 0.1 is a simple yet useful picture resizing application.
Image Resizer 0.1 is a simple yet useful picture resizing application. This tool enables the user to...
Resizes multiple images at one time
Easy to use and free
Web Resizer

Web Resizer

A free tool to change the size and format of your images for web publishing.
...Resizer changes the size and format of enhance your source files by applying contrast, brightness...
Basic editing functionality
Batch conversion capabilities
Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP
Image Resizer Powertoy allows you to resize image files with a right-click.
...images to several predefined sizes, and you can ...automatically change the size of the image without...
Simple to use
Simple Image Resizer
Ashleigh Gordon
An extremely simple and efficient tool to change the size of your images.
...any changes in size) and information about file size, resolution, and file type, of...
Efficient and immediate results
A total lack of basic help and its extremely bare interface may make this simple tool look complicated for first-time users


AxiomX - Luisa Arevalo Klose
It offers a quick and easy way to resize images individually and in batches.
...number of supported image file formats is rather ...TGA, and TIFF files. GIF files are supported only...
Can also rotate and rename photos
Small, neat, and lightweight
Hasn't been updated since 2005
Free Batch Photo Resizer
SunlitGreen Software
This program allows you to resize your digital photos in an easy way. just select files, choose a new size, set an output ...Resizer can process many files at once and it...
It's easy to use
It can batch process digital photos
Resize many photos at once
It doesn't allow you to convert your images to other formats
Free Image Convert and Resize
DVDVideoSoft Limited.
It's a powerful program for batch mode image processing.
...can be performed to a preset size in pixels or in a percentage...
Easy to use
Fast processing speed
Supports few formats
Image Converter One
It's a handy and free image converter and photo resizer.
...among the most popular image file formats, like BMP, JPEG, PNG...
Simple-to-use interface
Supports plenty of image formats
Supports batch processing
The interface looks dull and outdated
Prish Image Resizer
Shahar Prish
Prish Image Resizer is a new “Power Toy” replacement for Windows Vista/7/XP.
...the image. Overwrite the files: will delete the ...really want to overwrite files (at the bottom)...
Latest comments:
I've loved this image resizer and used it continually for years. However having upgraded to Windows 10 I ...
Image Resizer Powertoy Clone for Windows
Brice Lambson
Image Resizer Powertoy Clone is a very handy and fast image resizer. overwrite the original files. The program allow ...images to four preset sizes, which are 854x480...
Easy to use
Gives you a very fast image resizing solution
Resize, rotate, rename and apply other effects to your images in batches.
...percentages or absolute sizes in pixels, centimeter ...information (for JPEG files), and the original...
Resizes, rotates, flips, renames and converts your images in batches
Adds multiple effects to your images in batches
Includes a lot of presets for quick image resizing
Supports just five output image file formats

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