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Many people started listen to music on vinyl disks and cassette tapes in a past time. Nowadays, this type of storage isn't used anymore. More and more people are starting to transfer the music from their tapes to MP3 files. In this set you will find some applications that will help you perform this task. These are sound recording programs that will help you record to MP3 files the music and the sounds not only from cassette tapes, but also from line-in, vinyl, any sound card, microphone, etc.

Cassette Converter download selection is a descendant of our Cassette to MP3 Converter by Reef Longue customized for you:

LP Ripper
CFB Software
LP ripper is a program that allows you to digitalize you cassettes and LP's.
...mat. The main goal of this software is to let you digitalize all vinyl LP’s and cassettes tapes. Once you’ve ripped your cassettes or LP’s to a wav file, you will then be able...
Most relevant in Cassette Converter
Highly customizable
Good features
Doesn't have any
LP Recorder
CFB Software
LP Recorder is a program designed for recording vinyl LPs.
If you want to preserve your valuable vinyl LPs and cassettes and stop worrying about them getting scratched, then you should check out this tool. This ...
Easy to use
Can avoid distortion flaws during the recording
Can record from various sources
Can output to a limited number of audio file formats
Perfect Sound Recorder
Perfect Sound Recorder
It is a tool that lets you capture and record the sound from various sources.
...s handy program is therefore also suitable for digitizing the recordings of music cassette tapes or vinyl LPs. It lets you turn cassette tapes and vinyl LPs into digital files of com...
Most downloaded in Cassette Converter
Easy-to-use interface
Allows choosing different recording formats
Lets you change the bit rate of the output sound file
It can record only in MP3 or WAV
WinAudio Recorder
DigitByte Studio
It serves as an effective tool for recording audio from all input devices.
... and Windows applications. You have the option to record audio from a sound card, cassette tape, video tape, microphones, line in etc. You can record any type of audio according to y...
Works on all Windows platforms
Easy to use
Supports a variety of input devices for recording
Requires Full duplex sound card
Power Audio Recoder
Power Audio Recoder enables users to cut and join MP3 files.
...d enables users to cut and join MP3 files, record music to WAV/MP3/WMA files from cassette tapes and singles from LP directly while playing, record voice from MIC, sound from Interne...
Latest comments:
I have used uSsun Power Audio Recorder for almost five years. Two days ago, this great software suddenly...
Cassette To CD Plus
Convert your cassette taps into Audio MP3/WMA CDs, and to popular audio files.
Convert cassette tape into Audio MP3/WMA CDs, and to popular audio files, such as: MP3, WMA, PCM WAV. With t...
honestech Audio Recorder
Honestech, Inc.
with just a few clicks, convert your analog music into digital formats.
...igital formats including MP3s and audio CDs. Convert all of your music, including cassettes, LPs and 8-track tapes, into MP3s, WAV files, audio CDs and MP3 CDs, and listen to them on...
Free Sound Recorder
FreeAudioVideo Software
Records any sounds that you can hear played by your computer.
...casts or sound of online television), external input devices (e.g. CDs, LP, music cassettes, phone line, portable players, etc.). as well as other applications like Winamp, Media Pla...
Most popular in Cassette Converter
Can capture any external or internal sound
Recording scheduling
Has an editor to enhance recorded and audio files
Should make it clear that in order for the program to start and work, the "Stereo Mix" recording option should be enabled on computer with Windows 7 and above
River Past Audio Capture
River Past Corp.
An application to capture audio to different formats.
...ecords from your speakers, this application can also be used as a universal audio converter (with a loss in quality, and real time conversion) but it is a good option if you don't wa...
Many Otput formats are supported
Cassette To MP3 Plus
It allows to convert cassette tape into MP3, WMA and PCM WAV files.
Cassette To MP3 Plus is a program that allows converting cassette tape into MP3, WMA and PCM WAV fil...

Some Cassette Converter downloads, not featured in Cassette to MP3 Converter

MAGIX audio cleaning lab
Digitize vinyl records and restore audio recordings.
...tizing vinyl records and restoring audio recordings. You can easily record vinyl, cassettes and other media to your computer; remove hissing, crackling, wind noise and other disturba...
Most recent in Cassette Converter
One-click restoration and clean-up profiles
Multiple audio previews
Audio recorder
Limited audio effects and filters
EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter by Ion Audio
EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter by Ion Audio is a conversion program.
If you've got an ION USB turntable or cassette deck, you have the power to convert your vinyl or tapes straight to your iTunes library wit...
Golden Records Analog to CD/MP3 Converter
Transform your vinyl and cassette recordings into digital ones with this program.
Many of us have a vinyl or cassette collection that became invaluable since many of these recordings were not released in CD fo...
Spin It Again
Allows you to record audio content from connected Vinyls or cassettes.
... quality. You will be able to record the audio content of any playing Vinyl or cassette tape (connected to your PC), clean the unwanted sounds (damages caused by scratches, for ex...
Intuitive interface
Comes with a personal audio assistant
Many output configurations available
Crashed several times
intelliScore Ensemble WAV to MIDI Converter Demo
A clever tool to convert your polyphonic music into MIDI files.
...em. You can play your musical instrument directly into the software, or hook up a cassette player, record player, or mixer, and play the music you want to have converted into MIDI. ...
Excellent and accurate music recognition system
Synchronous playback of both the original music and the resulting MIDI file

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