Record Screen to SWF Downloads

If you want to capture what's happening on your desktop screen and save it to a SWF video file in order to create presentations, tutorials or guides, then you can use these tools. These programs are able to record the entire screen, a window, or any part of the screen and save it to SWF Flash video files. Some of these tools can export the captured screen activity to other video file formats as well, such as MP4, AVI or FLV.

Record Screen to SWF download selection is a descendant of our Capture Screen to SWF by Robert Polubinski customized for you:

Screen Recording Suite
Apowersoft Ltd.
Screen Recorder Suite can record video from your screen.
Screen Recorder Suite cannot only record video from your screen or webcam but also take static screenshots....
Most relevant in Record Screen to SWF
It supports multiple file types
It allows multiple audio sources
It lets you select the region to record in many ways
The trial version is operational for only three days
My Screen Recorder Pro
DeskShare Incorporated
Make quality video recordings on your Windows computer.
My Screen Recorder Pro is a Windows utility designed to help you create video tutorials, game walkthroughs, Sk...
Provides you with a quick way to share your recordings
Lets you schedule recordings
Comes with a built-in audio recorder
You can find cheaper solutions
TechSmith Corporation
Capture, edit, and enhance your desktop activity, all in HD-quality pro video.
...very new version. What used to be the reference tool for screen capture and screen recording is now also a feature-rich multi-track video editor, producer, and enhancer. Thus, praisin...
Most popular in Record Screen to SWF Most downloaded in Record Screen to SWF
Full HD video recordings
Voice narration
Drag-and-drop editing
Mouse highlight disabled in trial version


Stepok Image Lab.
It is a screen recording application allowing creation of tutorials.
SCREEN2SWF is a nice screen recording application that will enable you to create your own tutorials, guides, etc. The program i...
Easy to use
Not free
Fox Magic Software
ScreenVirtuoso allows you to capture your desktop activity in a video file.
ScreenVirtuoso allows you to capture your desktop activity in a video file. You can record the activities happening in a window, a rectangle or the full screen in an AVI file. You will...
Fully customizable
Easy to use
You can add cliparts and text to videos
I found a few spelling mistakes
VRtainment GmbH
Capture images and video from the computer screen or any video source.
...cally and shows an icon in the system tray. You need to access this button to stop recording. Before you start, you can activate a Preview window to see the screen area that will be captured.
It supports 21 video compression formats and 17 audio compressors
The program crashed on me after changing some parameters and opening the preview window

Some Record Screen to SWF downloads, not featured in Capture Screen to SWF

Total Screen Recorder Gold
This application lets you record on video any part of your screen.
For many reasons we might need to record activities happening on our computers' screens. If you are a teacher you could use this softw...
It comes with a sneak mode
It's very easy to use
It lets you record a fragment of your screen or the entire screen
Screen2Video Gold SDK ActiveX
Record screen activity to mp4, vcd, svcd, dvd, swf, flv, avi, wmv.
Record screen activity, mouse movement to mp4, vcd, svcd, dvd, swf, flv, avi ( compressed or uncompr...
Screen recorder, video editor, and eLearning authoring program.
ActivePresenter is a software tool that combines the features of a screen recorder, a video editor, and an eLearning authoring program. It has a nice interface, which in many...
Most recent in Record Screen to SWF
Versatile tool that allows video editing and recording as well as eLearning material creation
Various templates and examples
Captures cursor movements
Looks less sophisticated than other similar products

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