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A calorie calculation program is an application that allows you to keep track of the number of calories you consume every day. The calorie calculators from the list will help you count your BMI and BMR, calculate the recommended number of calories you need to reduce to lose weight and organize your everyday diet.

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BMI & BMR Calculator
Calculate your Body Mass Index and Basal Metabolic Rate.
...the number of calories that your body ...activity). This application calculates both of these numbers...
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Ability to choose between Imperial or Metric measuring system
Interface is self-explanatory
Design und Develop
FitTrack is a Healthy Values Calculator for Weight, BMI & Body Composition.
...(RMR) Required Daily Calorie intake What are the Calculations based on? FitTrack...
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Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator
Actabit Weight Loss Program
Basal Metablic Rate Calculator calculates your basal metabolic rate.
...factors are considered when calculating your metabolic rate how many calories you need to...
It is easy to use
It does not calculate Body Mass Index
Weight Loss Program
Weight Loss Program will help you to lose weight scientifically.
...provided, it will calculate your BMI (Body ...determining your daily calories requirements, which can...
Easy to use
Requires Microsoft Excel
Calorie Counter
Keep track of your weight and your calorie intake with this tool.
...height, weight and calorie intake in any ...huge database featuring the calories of hundreds of foods...
Easy to use
Weight Loss Calculator
Weight Loss Calculator is a free weight loss calculator.
Weight Loss Calculator is a free weight loss calculator. Calculate the amount of calories you need...
| - Metabolic Rate Calculator.
...Metabolic Rate Calculator Use this program to ...and the recommended calorie intake according to...
My Diet Wiz
Wellness Softworks
Itis software for your computer designed to make it easy for you to lose weight.
...about how many calories are in different of calculating the necessary calorie consumption for...
Weight Loss Tracker
Free, easy-to-use daily calorie counter.
...a feel for how many calories they consume on a day ...consuming less or more calories than you need to...
Grey Olltwit's Calorie Counter
Grey Olltwit Educational Software
The program calculates how many calories you need to eat per day.
...students understand calorie intake and healthy ...The program calculates how many calories they need...
Weight Watchers Calculator
Points calculator Weight Watchers to easily calculate your points.
...and calculates your points based on your imput of the calories, total...
Ideal Weight
Human Ideal Weight calculation and statistics. adjust quantity consumption calories. The calculation of calories is facilitated by presence...
The Little Calorie
Syrsan Software
Health and fitness program for people that want to take control of their weight.
...Little Calorie Deluxe ...calculation function. Make your own dieting plan and let The Little Calorie...
MB Free Calorie Calculator
MB Free Calorie Calculator calculates the daily calorie needs of a person.
...the right amount of calories needed. MB Free Calorie Calculator is a simple health...

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