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Whenever you feel like playing an awesome army themed game this set will provide you with the finest examples. They allow you to create your own army, to lead them to war, to defeat your opponents and conquer new territories in a virtual environment.

Build Your Army Themed Game download selection by Robert Polubinski. May 24, 2015

Age of Empires III
Microsoft Games
The most powerful in Age of Empires III is its stunning graphics.
...of the game and increases their ...of both armies and animal ...can destroy the buildings. The only...
Most popular in Build Your Army Themed Game Most downloaded in Build Your Army Themed Game
Cool graphics
You will need good video card


The Glest Team
Glest is an enjoyable real-time strategy game for players of all ages.
...own spells, buildings, unit ...amassing your army. An ...Glest isn’t a game that I would actually...
The game can be played in completely customizable resolution
It offers a basic as well as an advanced tutorial to help you learn how to play
Offers a wide variety of spells, units and unit creation types
This game doesn't have the best graphics you've ever seen
THE SETTLERS - Heritage of Kings
Blue Byte
The Settlers: Heritage of Kings starts from a completely different premise.
...the buildings and an army, buildings and to trade with other towns. In conclusion, in this game...
Excellent graphics and good sound effects
Takeda 3
Magitech Corporation
Takeda 3 is the latest in the Takeda series of games.
...the Takeda series of games, based on the effects, powerful army formations, and emotional...
Green Protector
Protect the flora against the invading monsters by building your army of plants.
...Protector is a game of skill available ...the invading monsters by building your army of plants. Green...
Projekt W

Projekt W

Sascha Willems
It’s a turn-based strategy game set in a not-so-distant totally hostile future.
...turn-based strategy game set in a ...different buildings), research technologies, create armies to...
Battle Planner
Battle Planner, LLC
Battle Planner is a tool for managing your collections, armies and decks. Currently available are free game ...on printouts. - Build armies without counting points...
Warriors of sword and spell
Nornik Nornikson
Warriors of Sword and Spell is an RPG turn-based strategy game.
...animations. However, the game manages to create a ...says!). You can build armies, improve castle...
Latest comments:
Year Post Terra
Dave Carlson
Year One Post Terra is a fun and entertaining space game.
...course you can also build armies of your own. Investing ...areas. Not an easy game to master, simple...
Age of Mythology
Ensemble Studios
Age of Mythology is a real-time strategy game developed by Ensemble Studios.
...strategy and adventure games, Age of Mythology, organize your army, build and develop your...
Most recent in Build Your Army Themed Game
Great graphics
Army Builder
Lone Wolf Development
Army Builder brand roster is a construction tool as vital as glue and paint.
...gamers, the Army Builder brand roster ...glue and paint. Army Builder streamlines the creation...
Heroes of Might and Magic V
NIVAL Interactive
Heroes of Might and MagicV is the fifth edition of this turn-based strategy game.
...turn-based strategy game and has substantial ...improvements in the buildings produce not only...
Great 3D graphics
Total War - Medieval II
The Creative Assembly
Medieval 2 Total War is the fourth of the award-winning Total War series.
...of strategy games. Take command of a massive army — ...- New settlements: Build through six levels of...
Gary Grigsby's War Between The States
Matrix Games
Taking gamer back to the American Civil War this innovative grand strategy game.
...innovative grand strategy game allows players to ...brigadiers to build Corps and Army commanders that...
Blizzard Entertainment
Starcraft is a Real Time Strategy game with 3 different yet balanced races.
...Time Strategy (RTS) game with 3 very different race ...a bigger army you need to build Supply depots...
The world editor
Great story
Very well balanced
TC Digital
Is a "new way to play" to the multi-billion-dollar trading card industry. battle against armies containing the same ...Chaotic Trading Card Game and Chaotic website...
Latest comments:
Awesome game.
Open R-Community Tools
Open R-Community Tools is an open source company and mission builder. such as Rackham's games. It allows you to create you own armies...
Empires in Arms
Australian Design Group
It is a grand strategy turn-based race to prove which nation is the greatest. moves in monthly turns where diplomacy and builds ...peace terms, build armies of landwehr...
World of Battles
Build your unique army that will implement your tactical ideas.
...where up to eight armies, each one made through the lobby system. Build your unique army...
Heroes of Might and Magic V - Tribes of the East
NIVAL Interactive
Heroes of Might and Magic V Tribes of the East is the 2 expansion pack to HOMMV.
...fifth installment of the game. This expansion fixe ...the previous versions of game maps together with...
Several bugfixes
Great development of the storyline

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