Brain Training Game Downloads

Within this collection you will find numerous games that you can use in order to train your brain. By playing these games you can train your memory, concentration, response time, perception and other abilities of your brain.

Brain Training Game download selection by Etan Bourke. June 17, 2015

Angry Birds - Rio
Rovio Entertainment ltd
Angry Birds Rio is a game of logic which will definitely provide you with fun.
...angry birds and your brain. Angry Birds - Rio which can be used both for training your brain...
Most popular in Brain Training Game Most downloaded in Brain Training Game
Funny game sounds
Smooth, good-looking graphics


The GNOME Project
gbrainy 1.0 is a collection of games about logic, mental calculation and memory.
...of the number of games, difficulty levels and ...In Memory Trainer games the program will show...
It´s a nice way to exercise your brain, and free
The interface seems quite aged. It doesn´t present the game in an attractive way. You must enter your answers only with the keyboard
Brain Challenge
Get your brain in shape with these fun daily exercises.
...for your brain. Twenty different games in five ...will train all areas of your brain. Evaluate...
Memory Wiz
This is one brain-training game that is sure to sharpen your memory.
...twist on the classic game of memory. Flip ...trophies, this is one brain-training game that is sure to...


Stefan Werner
Train your brain with a collection of brain teasers and brain training games. !!! BrainSpeeder Brain Games is a collection of brain teasers and brain training games for the...
Most relevant in Brain Training Game
The Amazing Brain Train
Grubby Games
It is a mind and momory drilling game with lots of fun.
...let you bore with Amazing Brain Train game. Its highly graphical and animated...
Brilliant colors and great graphics
Highly animated
15 different types of brainy game
Not a freeware
3 Blokes Studios
This game follows the path opened some time ago by Brain Training.
...ago by Brain Training in which gaming meets training your mind. As the original Brain Training...
New and different tests
Good reports of grades through time
Graphics are bad
Classic Pythagorean Puzzles
SoftFolder Inc
Classic Pythagorean Puzzles is an interesting puzzle game. old classic game created by philosopher ...will appear, making the game almost impossible to solve...
appealing to all ages
good mind exercise
trial version with some limitations
Big Brain Wolf
Frima Studio Inc.
Big Brain Wolf is a fantastic puzzle game in which you are a funny Wolf .
...The story of the game unfolds as you progre ...obtained by doing brain training exercises. The longer...
Clever hint system
Great graphics and effects
Fun story with a lot of sense of humor
Only intended for adults
Ice Mania
The object of the game is to get rid of tiles by rotating and matching them.
...and purchasing. The game provides players with a fun, brain-training arcade experience. Similar...
Simple, fun for all the family
Tile colors are quite dazzling to the eyes
MyBrainTrainer Memory Game
MyBrainTrainer, LLC
MyBrainTrainer Memory Game 1.0 is a game designed to train our memory.
MyBrainTrainer Memory Game 1.0 is a shareware game designed to train our brain. It gives us the...
Free downloadable demo
Easy to install
Friendy user's interface
Solitairex 3D
Adirex Entertainment
New solitaire playing experience. each game rules. Some games are difficult ...player not only to train his brain, but also his eyes...
Light Switcher
Kwik Games
This is a great free brain training and concentration game.
...great free brain training and concentration game. What you ...5 minutes the game automatically ends. If...
NS Pairs

NS Pairs

Nyxbull Software
The object of the game is to turn over pairs of matching cards.
...matching cards. Improve your brain, train your concentration and memory using this game.
Hoyle Card Games
Hoyle Card Games is a set of card games that can be played with the PC.
...voice and attitude. Each game has a number of variant ...of the different games against other players...
It has a great variety of games, you surely will find a game that you will like
Brain Workshop
Paul Hoskinson
This is an open-source program that will help you improve your memory and focus.
...inspired by the brain training exercise named “ ...Although Brain Workshop comes with many game options...
Open-source program
It uses a graph to show your daily progress
The graphical user-interface is poorly implemented and difficult to use
Brain Tester 24-pack
Digital Chocolate, Inc.
Check out Brain Tester 24-Pack and put the fun into brain training.
...brain training. It’s an all-new brain training experience packed with up to 24 brain games...


Player Side
A desktop application allowing faster access to arcade and brain-training games.
...find and access arcade and brain-training games in a faster way than by...
No ads
Brainiversity 2
3 Blokes Studios
Brainiversity includes games that allow you to keep your brain sharp.
...a series of games that allows you to keep your brain sharp. Brainiversity...
Most recent in Brain Training Game
Unlockable games
Lots of trophies
Brain Train Age
This collection of games can help train our brain to keep it active and healthy.
Brain Train Age is a collection of games that ...softened by training our brain just like we train our...
Games are very entertaining
Attractive layout and music
Only beginners level is available in demo version

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