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BlackBerry is the well-known line of wireless handheld devices which includes highly-acclaimed smart phones, pagers and PDAs. This collection contains several BlackBerry backup managing tools that will help you make constant backups of your BlackBerry device, recover various data from previous backups, reset your BlackBerry to a previous working state, etc.

BlackBerry Backup Manager download selection by Etan Bourke. June 16, 2015

BlackBerry Desktop Manager
Research In Motion
A desktop suite used to connect a Blackerrry device with a computer.
...e-mail backups, syncs, and filtering. All in all, BlackBerry Desktop Manager is a useful...
Most popular in BlackBerry Backup Manager Most downloaded in BlackBerry Backup Manager Most recent in BlackBerry Backup Manager
A useful way to backup and sync the phone, manage applications, and media
Sometimes the application fails to connect to the phone
BlackBerry Backup Extractor
BlackBerry Backup Extractor allows you to extract data from Blackberry backups.
...exactly the purpose of the Blackberry Backup Extractor application. Its simple interface...
Can handle BBB and IPD files
Well-designed interface
You can choose to extract a particular type of data
No Blackberry 10 support
Amrak Software
phoneMiner enables you to retrieve data from your phone's backup files.
...extract, export and manage the data stored by ...iPad models, BlackBerry .BBB and .IPD backup files and...
Neat and clear interface
Works with many iPhone and BlackBerry models
Can export to a large variety of file formats
No support for Android-based phones yet
Magic Berry

Magic Berry

Mena Step Innovative Solutions
It lets you edit and export data from BlackBerry backup files. manage data stored in BlackBerry backup files. It supports both formats of BlackBerry backup...
Very easy to use and intuitive
Supports both IPD and BBB files
The interface cannot be customized
Easy Phone Sync for Blackberry
Media Mushroom Limited
It allows you to transfer your Blackberry data to a Samsung Galaxy phone. from a Blackberry backup. You can create a backup of your Blackberry device using the...
Blackberry Extractor
It is a simple tool designed to extract data from your Blackberry backup. from your Blackberry backup. With this program ...stored in the Blackberry backup file. This...
Berry Extract
Pleasant Solutions
It lets you save your BlackBerry text messages to Windows text or Excel files.
...get deleted texts from backups. Features: - View your Blackberry text messages - Save...
Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer
ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.
It helps its users extract data that are stored in BlackBerry backups.
...of a utility such as Elcomsoft Blackberry Backup Explorer, rather than the mobile...
Allows for BlackBerry backups to be extracted so that data be analyzed, exported under a different format or printed using a PC or laptop
Useful in forensic investigations

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