Multiple Audio Files Converter Downloads

A batch audio converter is an application that can convert multiple audio files to one format in one go. There are plenty of such tools on the market and the set offers you some of batch audio converters.

Multiple Audio Files Converter download selection is a descendant of our Batch Audio Converter by Nordine Bjerke customized for you:

AVS Audio Converter
Online Media Technologies Ltd.
Converts audio files among multiple popular formats, and more. tool whose main function is converting audio files among multiple of the most popular formats available nowadays...
Most relevant in Multiple Audio Files Converter
Converts audio files among multiple popular formats
Renames audio files automatically in batches
Offers multiple basic audio editing functions, including auto-tagging
It's a bit pricey as compared to other similar tools
Switch Audio File Converter
NCH Software
Multi-format audio conversion tool with CD/DVD audio extraction capabilities. selecting the source for audio conversion. You can convert already existing audio files, or tell the program...
Most popular in Multiple Audio Files Converter Most recent in Multiple Audio Files Converter
Supports all the most widely used audio file formats and codecs
Rips audio CDs and extract the audio streams of your DVD movies
Adds customized filenames and ID3 tags to your CD tracks
Most codecs do not install with the program
FairStars Audio Converter
FairStars Soft
Flexible audio conversion tool with support for all well-known audio codecs.
...). FairStars Audio Converter is what you would call a “multiple-to-one” conversion type of tool – i.e., the files on...
Simple and easy-to-use interface
Built-in audio player
Supports batch conversion
No editing functionality
Bigasoft Audio Converter
Bigasoft Corporation
Transcode audio formats and extract video soundtrack.
...possibility of processing files in batches. Besides transcoding between media formats, Bigasoft Audio Converter also lets you...
Strips video soundtrack
Supports multiple video and audio formats
Basic audio editing features
Cannot record audio from microphone or sound track
Hamster Free Audio Convertor
Hamster Soft
A tool that will help you convert between numerous audio formats.
...liked about Hamster Free Audio Converter is its capability to batch convert as many files as you desire...
Supports batch conversion
Allows you to convert to numerous formats
It will enable you to merge together the files in the conversion list
The setup of the program will try to install the AVG Toolbar on your computer


Wavosaur Team
Wavosaur is a mp3 editor thta processes, edits and records sounds in wav/mp3. file. On top of that you can convert batches of audio sound ...features: Multiple Document Interface for working with many files in one...
Has many features, works with wav and mp3 files
Works with limited number of operating systems
MSRS Recording System
NCH Swift Sound
MSRS is a powerful yet easy to use multiple channel voice recorder program.
...32 separate audio channel inputs to a single audio file in the dct format or to multiple files for each...
Easy to use
Simple and intuitive user interface
Great value for its price
Any Audio Converter
Anvsoft, Inc.
Full-featured audio extractor, editor, CD ripper, and YouTube downloader.
...and though initially designed to edit and convert audio files, this free program will also let you...
Supports all the most widely used audio formats
Downloads and converts YouTube videos
Allows for multi-format conversions
Freemake Audio Converter
Ellora Assets Corporation
Allows you to convert audio and video files to MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc.
Freemake Audio Converter is a powerful program you can use for converting your audio files to a large number of popular audio formats...
User-friendly interface
Available in many languages

Some Multiple Audio Files Converter downloads, not featured in Batch Audio Converter

DJ Audio Editor
Full-featured audio editor with support for nearly all known media files.
...of media files including audio and video formats (multiple codecs) - Rip and convert audio CD to audio file - Edit audio tags and...
Most downloaded in Multiple Audio Files Converter
Wide support for nearly all known audio and video files
Extracts the audio of your video files on the fly
Good range of audio effects and filters
You may miss some audio cleaning options
Free Audio Converter
Convert your songs between a wide range of audio formats.
Free Audio Converter is a Windows program that enables you to convert sound files from your PC between multiple audio formats. The...
Supports various audio formats
Supports batch conversion
Fast conversion speed
You need to upgrade the app to its Premium version to get rid of ads and unlock all features
Total Audio MP3 Converter
Easy and efficient audio conversion tool with DVD audio extraction capabilities.
...file, extracts specific audio stream from video file that contains multiple audio streams, converts part of original file, supports multiple...
Extensive list of audio formats supported
Extracts audio streams from DVDs
Clean and intuitive interface
Movavi Video Converter
Transfers your video creations to any platform or device in any popular format. in MP3 and other formats, convert audio files in one click. Rotate, crop, and stabilize...
Supports multiple media types
Allows processing batches of files
Transcodes files very fast
Some conversion pairs are illogical
MP3 Audio Converter
Allows you to convert audio files from/to 27 popular audio formats.
...and Folder Conversion", you are able to convert multiple audio files of different formats, as well as entire...
Supports batch conversion
Supports 27 of the most popular audio formats
Allows you to save your settings as a new predefined quality profile for further use
The user interface is a bit disorganized and confusing

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