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Backing up your data regularly is essential for making sure you are using your desktop in a safe and secure way. However, manual backups take just too much time and effort and it seems logical you may want to automate the backup tasks.

The applications included into this software collection will allow you to carry out automatic backup of your data.

Automatic Backup Tool download selection by Keath Wyszynski. May 05, 2015

FileFort Backup
NCH Software
Wizard-driven backup and restore utility to make safe copies of all your data.
...make this tool a very efficient backup tool for all ...Every new backup job automatically opens the...
Most popular in Automatic Backup Tool Most relevant in Automatic Backup Tool
Wizard-based interface
Full, historical, and incremental backups available
Performs both local and remote backup and restore tasks
Requires an Internet connection to download certain components
Karen's Replicator
Karen Kenworthy
Make backups of your important data in an easy and automatic way. done almost automatically and save a ...backups, and once this task is saved, it will automatically...
Most downloaded in Automatic Backup Tool
Easy to use Interface


Pro Softnet Corporation
IDrive is a very secure backup and restore utility. It can make the automatic backup of files and folders on...
Time machine-like features
Mapped drive
Shell integration
Everyday Auto Backup
LionMax Software
It is a simple program designed to backup files automatically.
...Auto Backup is a very simple tool that make ...files and folders automatically, at scheduled future...
Very easy-to-use and simple
Comes with comprehensive scheduling options
Neat and lightweight
The interface cannot be customized


SaftBackup is a backup-software including version control.
...main features: - Fast Compression - Encryption - Automatic Backup - Backup of locked or opened files...
Personal Backup
J. Rathlev
Personal Backup can help you safeguard your stored data.
...each task. The tool supports backing up selected ...All in all, Personal Backup is a versatile program...
Most recent in Automatic Backup Tool
It supports scheduling jobs
It has a wizard for beginners
It supports various types of target locations
It still has some bugs

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