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When having to repeat a certain task several times, using the same keystrokes, you may want to replace them with a single keystroke, meaning that you may want to create a custom shortcut. Some utilities can help you create shortcut keys for certain tasks performed within utilities that otherwise do not offer you the hotkeys you need.

Assign Key Shortcuts download selection by Mary Nett. February 24, 2015

Keyboard Manager
Galloway Software assign shortcuts, text, and objects to over 350 keyboard hotkeys or key...


Guillaume Ryder
Clavier+ allows you to create keyboard shortcuts using almost any key.
...shortcuts using almost any key. The created shortcuts ...create a keyboard shortcut to write your...
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It´s a tiny free utility that will ease your life if you perform the same tasks repeatedly
Hotkeycontrol - create keyboard shortcuts for routine tasks. create keyboard shortcuts for routine task ...number pad keys. The additional keys on your...
Keyboard Maniac
...multimedia keyboard macros and shortcuts. Keyboard Maniac adds another...
...convenient keyboard shortcuts and extra keys. Put your assign a single easy to remember key to...
Active Keyboard
Drive Software Company
Active Keyboard is a multilingual utility to create hotkeys for every task.
...The colorful user interface provides shortcuts keys for our multimedia files, Internet...
We can create as many hotkeys as we want
Vista not compatible
Global Audio Control
TinyTwo Productions, 2002
Control your audio, Winamp player, and more using hotkeys.
...program using globally recognized keyboard shortcuts. Benefit from using an optional...
Keyboard Shortcut
...line arguments with a simple key press on the keyboard...
...pressing user defined hot key / keyboard shortcut. Keyboard Shortcuts created in this utility...
XP Shortcuts

XP Shortcuts

Maksim Sosnovskiy
XP Shortcuts allows you to create BOTH keyboard and desktop shortcuts .
...keyboard and desktop shortcuts to perform can assign keyboard shortcuts for performing restart...
GSI Software Research
Do you have to often launch the same applications several times? Do you want to open...
...key, while holding CTRL key. And indeed, instead of pressing the keyboard shortcut ...assign hotkeys...
Keyboard Shortcuts Assistant
Kos-Z Software
It allows you to improve the productivity of your work.
...use. The Keyboard Shortcuts Assistant provides you ...the description of shortcuts for your specific...
HotKey Manager
Allows you to control most of the tasks with hotkey combinations.
...Ctrl+C and Ctrl+X shortcuts for cutting and copying ...the up and down arrow keys, you can use a...
Can speed up your work amazingly
NCH Software
Convenient tool to help you avoid typing the same texts again and again.
...and macro shortcuts. Simple text shortcuts are the ...of key presses, a combination of a key press...
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Simple and straightforward interface
Allows you to create and use four types of shortcuts
Macro shortcuts for more complex actions
Keyboard Shortcuts
Assign your own shortcuts to different system actions or action sequences.
...allow you to assign key combinations (also known as "shortcuts") to certain Windows...
Easy to use
Does not capture key combinations when pressed directly on the keyboard
Power Management Utilities
The set of 4 utilities to enable you to assign keyboard shortcuts.
...that are accessible through keyboard shortcuts. Assign keyboard shortcuts to menu items and...


Kim Jensen
You can setup hotkeys to minipulate window state, close a runnng application.
Ever wanted to setup personal shortcuts for often used tasks to...
Super Quick Shutdown
Super Quick Shutdown can turn off your PC in a blink of an eye.
...any hot key combination. The program can also create shortcut icons on...
Easy to use
Can turn off your PC using a hotkey without damaging it or your operating system
Advanced Shortcuts Composer
Vasilios Applications
A free tool to create you own shortcuts for your most widely used applications.
...of this, you can assign to your new shortcut a keys combination, following the...
Simple and straightforward creation process
Interface allows for variable transparency, allowing you to work on top of other applications without minimizing them
Hot Keyboard Pro
Hot Keyboard Pro is a very useful automatization tool.
...a keyboard shortcut. I did and the app automatically assigned a combination of keys that I could...
It comes with a lot of built-in macros
It is easy to use
Nice interface


Launcher allows you to easily create shortcuts and configure launch options.
...command line parameters in application shortcuts. Configure as a portable launcher running...
Shortcut Doctor
Funduc Software Inc.
Check Windows shortcuts and fix targets that can no longer be found.
...or resolve invalid shortcuts by searching and ...function that helps create shortcuts from scratch by...
Fixes shortcuts
Links even if an application has been moved
Restores shortcut parameters
Filters have to be created manually

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