Android Application Installer Downloads

Android is an operating system that's based on Linux kernel and developed mainly for touchscreen devices like smartphones and tablet computers.

This collection provides you with some tools that can help you quickly install applications on your Android device from your computer.

Android Application Installer download selection is a descendant of our Application Installer for Android Phone by Bill White customized for you:

Speed Install
Almeza Company
Speed Install installs any application you need with just one click.
...your computer, but also updates previously installed applications. An advantage of using this program...
Most relevant in Android Application Installer
Easy-to-use interface
Available in many languages
Many applications available for download and install
Android Injector
Harmony Hollow Software
It helps you install apps on an Android device without using Google Play Store.
As you probably already know, installing applications on an Android device is quite difficult to do...
Very lightweight and resource-friendly
Easy-to-use interface
Sometimes it fails to install the apps even if all conditions were met (USB debugger mode enabled, etc.)
Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager
Manage and control your Android device to prevent losing files.
...card corruption. Luckily, this application gives you control over ...of not needing to install the Android app on your...
Two ways to connect
Management of all the data on your device
Easy browsing through categories
The trial version does not allow trying most of the features
Android Commander
PanPiotr from XDA
Android Commander is a small, very fast, and intuitive application for Windows.
...>Applications->Development->USB debuging must be enabled, USB cable. PC Requirements: Windows, Installed Android...
Most popular in Android Application Installer
KOPLAYER APK Install allows you to install Android apps in your mobile devices.
KOPLAYER APK Install allows you to install Android applications and game for apps and install them by a single...
Pure APK Install
APKPure Inc.
Install applications directly to your Android device.
Android applications are commonly installed from Google Play Store. However, this...
It avoids the necessity of continuously downloading apks from Google Play Store
It shows the Android versions supported by the application
It can verify the authenticity of the apk
It cannot help you find and download apks
Universal Phone Management Software.
...contacts and cloud storage supported - Install Android and iOS applications, access their data - Recover your...
Keedom Smart Sync
Keedom Network Tech Ltd.
It is a program that enables you to manage your Android smartphone.
...contacts easily, download and install Android applications, sync Android with Outlook and backup Android data to PC.
APK installer beta 2a
This software will allow to install apk files directly to your phone. will allow to install apk files directly to ...use and install and it will work with most Android based phones...

Some Android Application Installer downloads, not featured in Application Installer for Android Phone

BlueStacks App Player
BlueStack Systems, Inc.
Android emulator to run smartphone apps and games in PC.
...App Player is an Android emulator that lets you ...from its catalog of 1.5 million Android and 500 thousand HTML5/Flash...
Most downloaded in Android Application Installer
Allows you to enjoy your favorite apps and games on a big-sized screen
Fully customizable
Integrates seamlessly with your Google account
Installs sponsored apps every now and then unless you pay a yearly fee


Microvirt Co., Ltd.
Play Android games on your PC using this free emulator.
...that allows you to play Android games on your PC. With ...this program you can play Android games with mouse, keyboard, and...
Outstanding performance
Great emulator for Android games
Beta version emulates Android Lollipop
5.1.1 doesn't support 32-bit architectures
Nox App Player
Run Android apps on Windows using this multitask Android emulator.
...RAM usage. The application runs on Android 4.4.2 KitKat, which that it supports installing apps by simply dragging...
Most recent in Android Application Installer
Compatible with most apps
Runs on an outdated Android version
Minimal ADB and Fastboot
Minimal ADB and Fastboot provides a fast way to access phone's terminal.
...for any Android device owner. Typically, if you want to install ADB and Fastboot...

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