Aim Mail Notifier Downloads

AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger and is the instant messaging client of the AOL social network.

Within this collection you will find several applications that can notify you when you receive new mails on your AIM or AOL account.

Aim Mail Notifier download selection by Etan Bourke. June 13, 2015

POP Peeper
POP Peeper notifies you whenever you receive an email message.
...mail clients helps you a lot. This email notifier ...thought as a notifier, the application now...
Most popular in Aim Mail Notifier Most downloaded in Aim Mail Notifier Most recent in Aim Mail Notifier
It supports configuring various accounts
It can import accounts from other clients
It’s highly configurable
It doesn’t support as many features as other more sophisticated email clients
Clock Mechanism Screensaver
Fascinating free clock mechanism PC screensaver (all Windows versions).
...there are the e-mail notifier and browser speed test ...well. The email notifier provides a centralized...
Works on all Windows versions and all monitors(regardless of monitor resolution)
Optional) community toolbar available for Internet Explorer&Mozilla Firefox browsers. Toolbar e-mail notifier
Browser speed test
Not a single-step uninstall process . Standard uninstall removes only the screensaver. The toolbar requires a separate uninstall
VMN Toolbar

VMN Toolbar

Visicom Media
The VMN Toolbar provides a whole new way to experience the web.
...your needs. Email Notifier The VMN Toolbar E-Mail Notifier alerts you when you...
Smart Mail Checker
Alexander G. Styopkin
Smart Mail Checker is an e-mail tool for Windows computers.
...can have Smart Mail Checker notify you about incoming e-mails from a specific sender...
Highly customizable
No rule support
Does not auto-detect account information at all
SpeedBitPlus Toolbar
SpeedBitPlus Community Toolbar — stay connected and get so much more.
SpeedBitPlus Toolbar inludes: - e-mail notifier The E-mail Notifier supports the following account...
EMWI Tools Toolbar
EMWI Tools
Add your favorite apps to your browser with Conduit Engine.
The E-mail Notifier supports the following account ...We will add more e-mail domains in the future
logiware gmbh
Monitor your inbox in a ticker tape style for POP3, IMAP4, MAPI and AOL accounts.
...inbox, you will be notified by a ticker tape running ...inbox, you will be notified by a ticker tape...
K.C.C.C Toolbar
Receive your most important news and announcements instantly. just a few seconds. The E-mail Notifier supports Hotmail ,Yahoo , Gmail ,Comcast...
fbfv helper Toolbar
fbfv helper
It is a browser tool for searching the web and for many other applications.
...and Linux operating systems. The E-mail Notifier supports the following account types...
EL CORRAL DE JR Toolbar it is a useful search engine. engine that has an e-mail notifier witch supports the major webmail...
Astrologybario Toolbar
A toolbar with a search field, web apps, horoscopes, predictions, and email. e-mail notifier in which both web mail and POP3 ...You will be notified about the best content...
It can save time
Another toolbar that takes up space in the web browser
Meebo Notifier
Meebo, Inc.
Connect to your IM accounts and get in touch with your friends.
...notifications appearance, mail notifications and proxy ...and AIM accounts. Thanks to Meebo Notifier...
It lets you enable mail notifications for multiple accounts
It displays the buddy list only on the webpage

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