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Administrator in computing is a person who manages a computer or a network. The computer administrative job can be eased with the help of certain applications, either allowing remote access to user's PC or performing auto check on compatibility, for example.

Administrator Support Tool download selection by Nova Vozrak. March 21, 2015

Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit
ACT enables to determine compatibility with a new version of Windows Vista.
...Tools include ...Administrator that provides access to the necessary compatibility fixes to support...
New Windows Vista-specific compatibility evaluators
Updated user interface
New data organizing features
Not found
Quest Software Toad for MySQL Freeware
Quest Software
Toad for MySQL is an excellent database administration program. includes a database administration program, a query ...curve. Still this tool works great and...
Database design feature
Great database administrator and query browser
Confusing Interface
Remote Administrator Control Server
Monika Novotna
Remote Administrator Control Server is designed to control remote computers.
...Server works together with Remote Administrator Control Client, a freeware utility available...
We can still use the free options after the trial period
Very easy to use
Password protection
Remote Administrator Control Client
Monika Novotna
Connecting to a Remote Computer is an easy task with RAC Client.
...Administrator Control Client needs Remote Administrator ...language interface supporting the following...
Completely free
User friendly
Highly customizable settings
Remote Administration Tools
Enables IT administrators to remotely manage features in Windows Server 2008.
Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools enables IT administrators to remotely manage roles and...


Alastair Burr
VNCon is an easy to use remote administration tool which allows you to connect. use remote administration tool which allows you ...of a button -Password Support You can specify a...
Ammyy Admin
It provides a way to gain remote sharing and remote desktop control.
You can easily share a remote desktop or control a server over the Internet with Ammyy Admin. No...
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Pustovalov Dmitry
NetRCM is an innovative product for admins of local and corporate networks.
...administrators of local and corporate networks and support The administrator can perform...
LDAP Admin And Reporting Tool
LDAP Admin & Reporting Tool assist in both compliance and management reporting.
...Reporting Tool is a powerful LDAP Administration and ...Tool also provides SQLLDAP support which...
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Alt-N Technologies, Ltd.
Securely manage MDaemon, RelayFax, and WorldClient from anywhere in the world.
...convenient remote administration tool is FREE ...list administration; SSL and IIS Support; added...
Dell System E-Support Tool
Dell Incorporated
A tool to collect information about Dell Servers Hardware and Software.
...Since is a tool for enterprise tech ...tool to Dell tech support agents, your system administrator...
Captures all hardware and software with just one command
Its web report, only works properly in Internet Explorer versions that contain MSXSL 3.0 or newer parsers


Firebird Project
Firebird (Win32) 2.5 is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).
...commands and statements using a command tool named isql (of course, without...
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Firebird is a great option to manage and administer databases
It offers two versions: Super Server or Classic Server, depending on user needs
Easy to install and it doesn't require any extra stuff to operate
I haven’t found any during its review

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