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PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and is a raster image file format used for lossless data compression. The programs on the list allow for adding copyright images to your images in the PNG file format.

Add Watermark to PNG Files download selection by Marisa Therezza. May 03, 2015

Pixillion Image Converter
NCH Software
Convert your pictures between a wide variety of image formats.
...convert them all to a single file format. The quality of the...
Most popular in Add Watermark to PNG Files Most recent in Add Watermark to PNG Files
Supports various image formats
Supports batch conversion
Provides you with several editing options
Unable to choose individual output profiles when batch converting files
FastStone Capture
FastStone Soft
Supports screen capturing and screen video recording.
...can make annotations, add watermarks and draw object external editor, a file, a printer, email...
Most downloaded in Add Watermark to PNG Files
Various ways to select a screen region
Captures scrolling areas
Comes with built-in video and image editors
Captures scrolling areas with some imprecisions
AVS Image Converter
Online Media Technologies Ltd.
Change the size and apply various effects to batches of pictures. can easily stamp a watermark in the form of text can create BAT files and even use Windows...
Processes batches of pictures
Can be used from the command line
Various dimension presets
No individual presets
FastStone Photo Resizer
FastStone Soft
Edit, convert, rename, and resize multiple pictures at the same time. attaching text watermarks, rotate illustrations, and ...of the original files, and immediately...
Supports various input formats
Supports drag-and-drop actions and batch processing
Fast processing sped
Supports a limited amount of output formats (conversion)
Picture Resize Genius
Lonking Software, LLC
Picture Resize Genius is a useful and feature-rich tool to work with images.
...with image files in ...possible to add watermarks, rename thousand ...including JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, GIF...
Processes images in batches
Includes several other useful functions beside image resizing
Very easy to use
Batch Photo Watermarker
Full-featured watermarking tool to add text, images, and logos to your photos.
...five image file formats (namely JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF ...watermarked images. One of the things you can add...
Can read the EXIF information in your images and watermark them with it
Supports text, line, and image watermarking
Comes with collection management functions to help you keep your images organized
The amount of information in its one-window interface can be problematic for some users
Batch Picture Resizer
Full-featured image resizing tool with conversion and editing capabilities.
...file formats, such as JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG ...method. Watermarking your image ...comprehensive, add value to...
Attractive and well-structured interface
Supports all the most widely used image file formats
Includes image conversion and editing capabilities
No support for RAW file formats
Watermark Factory
Watermark Factory will let you add watermarks to your photo collections. to make various watermark configurations, like setting ...such as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TGA. My...
Most relevant in Add Watermark to PNG Files
Intuitive interface
Gives you access to various image editing tools
You can save the results to various image formats
Tacky photo frames
Watermark Image
TSR Software
Batch watermarking utility to protect and copyright your photos and images. to add text, image, and effect watermarks, and ...into JPGE, BMP, TIFF, PNG, or GIF (among others...
Highly customizable text watermarks
Supports image and effect watermarks
Adds your copyright notice to the EXIF information
The interface could benefit from a better organization of the features provided
AnyPic Image Converter
AnyPic Soft
This program lets you convert images from one format into another.
...image file types, including JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG ...will add watermark on the output files indicating...
It supports batch conversion
It's very easy to use
FM PDF To JPG Converter Free
FM Software Studio
Straightforward conversion tool to transform your PDF files into JPG images. individual JPG image file, thus faithfully preserving ...interface. You can add to the conversion...
Produces high-quality JPEG images
Batch PDF to JPEG conversion
Supports multi-page PDF documents
Limited output customization
Watermark Master
VideoCharge Software
Watermark Master allows you to create and apply watermarks to your files.
...can add text, image and audio files, rectangles or blurred areas as watermarks...
Easy to use. Wizard-like user interface. Great effects and filters. Advanced options
Does not support Windows Vista. Expensive
Kigosoft Inc.
This program allows you to convert image files from one into another.
...image files formats, to modify your image files' size and to add watermark in...
It supports batch conversion
It supports many formats
It's free
It doesn't have any disadvantages
Bytescout Watermarking
Bytescout Watermarking is a graphics design utility for Windows.
...This application allows you to add watermarks to all your pictures, for...
Easy to use
Support for vertical watermarks
Supports text and images
The GUI could be simpler and more to the point
Free SWF to AVI Converter
Recool Software Co., LTD
Free conversion tool to transform Flash SWF videos into AVI, MKV or MOV files.
...– open file/folder, crop, watermark, and convert ...“Crop” and “Add watermark” features can be...
Converts to the most popular video, image, and audio file formats
Device-based output profiles
HTML5 support
Requires to play back the Flash video to capture it and then convert it
Neevia Technology
docCreator is a COM object that can be used to generate image files.
...TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PCX and PNG files from Visual Basic, C , C#, Delphi, Java...
uMark Lite

uMark Lite

Uconomix Technologies Private Limited
uMark Lite is a great program that helps to add water marks to your images.
...nine possible positions to add a watermark, enter the text The download file size is only 295kb...
It is a faster process compared to manually adding copyrights
The original files are not lost in the process
Images do not turn blur but remain clear
Requires .Net framework to run
AiS Watermark Pictures Protector
AiS Watermark Pictures Protector is a watermarking tool to protect your images. adding a watermark. The watermarks can be composed ...BMP, GIF, Animated GIF, PNG, JPEG, EMF, WMF...
Easy to use. Simple and intuitive user interface. Affordable
Does not support Windows Vista
Thumbnail Generator
It allows you to generate multiple thumbnails from different image formats.
...JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and ...can then add a text watermark and adjust ...set a file prefix, choose...
You can add text watermarks
You can preview the image before it is being processed
You can save the thumbnail as BMP or JPG
Not found
EasyImageSizer is a very simple and powerful image resizer and conversion tool.
...JPG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF ...can also add text or image watermarks (or ...built-in file renamer enables you...
Easy to use
Good processing speed
Built-in file renaming, convertion, and watermarking tools

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