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ASCII or American Standard Code for Information Interchange, is a character encoding system. Apart from this ASCII can be fun too and can be used to create text images or complex comments in web forums. In this collection you will find tools that help create such texts, convert images into ASCII or just edit your text into ASCII images.

Create an ASCII File download selection is a descendant of our ASCII Creator by Stew Windsor customized for you:

NFO Creator

NFO Creator

CyberLeading Corp.
NFO Creator is a program to create NFO files easily. create NFO files easily. These files are often used to store some text information with ASCII graphics...
Most relevant in Create an ASCII File
Very easy to use
Textaizer Pro
APP Helmond
Textaizer Pro creates text art in all its creative shapes. them to PDF or EMF files, email them, or directly print ...tool and anyone preoccupied by creating text mosaics, ASCII art, or other word...
Quite easy to use
Can print even designs of large resolutions
Can create videos with ASCII art
Cool ASCII allows to create pictures from ASCII characters and convert to HTML.
...HTML page containing the same picture but created using ASCII characters and colod coded, according to...
Very powerful application with a very small program size
ASCII Art Maker
Aleksey Taranov
ASCII Art Maker helps you create ASCII masterpieces with ease.
Creating ASCII work of arts isn't an easy task ...Maker offers you a simple way to create amazing ASCII masterpieces by using images or text...
Intuitive interface
Comes with many useful output configurations
Supports a wide range of image formats
Be careful while installing as it will offer you to install plenty of unnecessary tools
Simple Search-Replace
RJL Software, Inc.
search/replace text in text file., case sensitivity, multiple file types, subdirectory support and ...designed for searching plain-ASCII text files, such as source code...
Latest comments:
Great for changing groups of words in batch files, simply write in what the software should look...


APP Helmond
Textaizer is a program to paint with text, a text mosaic creator.
...create ASCII art, and make videoclips with ASCII art. All the created ...jpg) and a text file (ASCII, notepad file), and the application re...
Impresive results. Very easy to use


May Software
eDocPrintPro - The easiest way is to create PDF documents.
...will enable you to create PDF documents from any ...insert to an existing document * ASCII text file output, start view application, launch...
Magic ASCII Studio
XoYo Software
Magic ASCII Studio is an ASCII Art generating software program.
...have it processed into a file of color-coded text character ...The first ASCII Art pictures were created in the 1960’s when ASCII was first...
Useful Web and GUI animation tool
15 days trial only
Hex Workshop
BreakPoint Software, Inc.
A feature-rich hex editor, adequate for professional users. time when working on large files. I was also impressed with can calculate the checksums of your files. As a conclusion, I think that...
Most popular in Create an ASCII File
Offers a handy hex calculator
Can calculate checksums
Features a very convenient multi-tabbed interface
I couldn't find any disadvantages
ASCII Animator
ASCII Animator can convert animated GIFs into animated ASCII art. store the resulting ASCII art file, that will also be ...transparency, as the source file. Otherwise, your ASCII animation will have a dark...

Some Create an ASCII File downloads, not featured in ASCII Creator



Flexible lightweight nfo viewer and text editor with ASCII and Unicode support.
...NFOPad also supports nfo files with ASCII art. The file extension is used to ...Us: Our mission is to create programs as powerful as possible...
Easy to use interface
Mosaic Creator
Create photo mosaics of professional aspect easily with Mosaic Creator.
...With this amazing program, creating a photo mosaic is easy ...comments, watermarks, drop shadows, create ASCII arts, or video mosaics. Once...
Easy-to-use tabbed interface
Built-in Wizard


Edit an create documents with high typographic quality.
WinEdt is an all-purpose text editor for Windows with a strong predisposition towards the creation of LaTeX documents. The program is used...
Most downloaded in Create an ASCII File Most recent in Create an ASCII File
It’s highly versatile
It supports multiple languages
It can be used as an IDE
It has an unattractive interface
PdfGrabber - Convert, edit and create PDF documents.
...create PDF documents. PdfGrabber opens up a range of new possibilities for processing PDF files ...a range of other file types. Edit PDF content...
No need of Adobe Acrobat
Multiple file types supported in professional version
Good technical support
Not optimal outcomes in some cases
mosascii m2 updater
is an application that converts an image into an HTML mosaic.
...image or animation except they are created out of colored ASCII characters. mosascii m2 has lots...
Expression Off-Line
Expression Offline (EOL) software can be run on a personal computer.
...create show data. EOL can also be used to generate ASCII-format ...and Insight 3, and Express show files. Expression Offline is complete with...

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