2D Tile Matching Game Downloads

In a tile matching game players need to manipulate various tiles in such a way that they succeed in matching at least two of the same kind until there are not tiles left on the board.

This collection contains several tile matching video games that come with built-in 2D graphic engines.

2D Tile Matching Game download selection by Etan Bourke. July 29, 2015

Mah Jong Quest™
Solve the puzzles and help Kwazi to restore the peace to the Empire.
...Mah Jong Quest”, a tile matching game, you have to help ...of the game is to find matching tiles on the...
Most popular in 2D Tile Matching Game Most recent in 2D Tile Matching Game
Three games in one
Affordable price
Nice interface
It’s available only in English
Bejeweled 3
PopCap Games
Bejeweled 3 is the famous matсh-3 tile-matching puzzle video game.
...was Bejeweled, the first tile-matching puzzle game of this kind to achieve...
Most downloaded in 2D Tile Matching Game
Comes with several game modes
Nice visuals
Good price
Mahjongg Artifacts
Shape Games
Mahjongg Artifacts is a mahjong game in which you travel around China.
...matching game ...games. Like in any other mahjong game, the objective is to match identical tiles...
Nice graphics and enchanting music
Three modes
Lots of special tiles and bonuses
Kyodai Mahjongg
Rene-Gilles Deberdt
Kyodai Mahjongg 2006 is a kit with seven puzzle and board games.
...in 2D or ...traditional Taipei game, sometimes called ...matching tiles. Kumika: Swap adjacent tiles...
All of the games are highly addictive
The music is relaxing
The graphics are nice
Ice Puzzle Deluxe
Alawar Entertainment
Ice Puzzle Deluxe is an entertaining color and shape matching game.
...Quest, and Relax. The game starts with a board ...tiles on the board, a tile is removed when a match...
Very nice graphics and sounds
A lot of options
Demo version can be played only for an hour


Olivier Playez
Have a good time with this fun solitary puzzle game called MyMahj.
...game where you need to eliminate the tiles from the board by matching ...with colorful 2D and 3D...
Easy to learn and play
Good 2D and 3D graphics
Nice background images
Shanghai 2 Dragons Eye
Shanghai II is a game of strategy, memory, and luck.
...'s follow-up to their first tile matching game. Players try to remove Mah...
Little Hopper's Memory Matching Game
Fast Rabbit Software, LLC
Little Hopper's Memory Matching Game is a simple game for kids.
...Hopper's Memory Matching Game is a simple game for kid ...time you uncover a tile. Unfortunately, the...
Four modes
Two difficulty levels
Poor graphics
Pretty Good MahJongg
Goodsol Development Inc.
Pretty Good Mahjongg is a very comprehensive collection of mahjongg games.
...in any mahjongg game, the goal is to match identical tiles until you...
Lots of layouts to choose from
You can download more content from the Internet
Fully customizable
Unattractive user interface
Mahjong Escape: Ancient Japan
Unlock over 10.000 years of ancient wisdom to collect the Emperor's treasures.
...a game with no problems. Seasons and Flowers tiles are the only tiles that match...
Two modes to play the game
Different tiles sets
Easy to learn how to play the game using the help
Only available in English

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